Alec and Daniel | Somerset West Kids Photographer

I was lucky enough to spend some time with this cute pair at Vergelegen Wine Estate for their first family shoot. The twins are 15 months old and adorable! They seemed a little suspicious at first – with all the sudden attention on them and everyone trying so hard to entertain them – it was quite amusing to watch their expressions. By the end of the shoot they were relaxed, running around and having a fun time 🙂

Here are a few of my favourites. There are a few more in a Facebook album.

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Sune’s first birthday party | Cape Town Photographer

So, the day after the shoot on Sune’s actual birthday, I went back to De Zalze to photograph her first birthday party. We’ve been experiencing some really dodgy weather, but luckily the sun came out for this special day and Sune and her friends were able to explore the wonder of a birthday party for the first time.

Sune | Somerset West Photographer

Ilse booked a shoot to fall on Sune’s first birthday to mark the special occasion (photos of the party to follow in a seperate post). She has the most gorgeous head of curly blond hair! I had a constant urge to run my fingers through it! Sune was quite serious for the duration of the shoot, not trusting my motives with the big black camera. Luckily she is so cute, that smiling was not required to capture the sweetness.

The Van Zyl’s in Grabouw

I met the Van Zyl’s at their lovely home in Grabouw. The latest addition to their family, little Mia, was four weeks old at the time of the shoot. Off course, a new set of family photos were in order! Mia usually is a very sleepy and relaxed baby, but she was not happy with my plans for her morning at all! She tried to sleep through the first part of the shoot and was quite happy to be handled by her mom and dad, but as soon as my attention turned to her and her alone, she got fed-up with the whole process. But I persisted and managed to get most of the shots I was after! Her brother on the other hand, was a real little star and very happy to have me follow him around with my camera in hand. Here are a few of my favourites.

Sebastian | Cape Town Lifestyle Photographer

Sebastian turned one year old just a few days before the shoot. He is 100% adorable, completely irresistible and a real little flirt! He had me wrapped around his little finger in absolutely no time. I met him and his parents at the beautiful Vergelegen Wine Estate and Sebastian just loved exploring the area. I wish him lots of fun and adventure in the years to come!

Alyssa en Tamika (and a little bit of Josh!)

You might recognize these cute little faces from a shoot last year which I posted about here and here. This time, Caroline and Larissa wanted a shoot with the younger girls only, so capture that sweet innocence while they’re still so young. Josh came along and was not able to escape without posing for a few shots too!

The Liebenberg Family

Sunet is a very old friend of mine – we started Grade 1 together and 12 years later, we matriculated together. I hadn’t seen her since her boys were born, so I was very excited when she booked me for a shoot during our recent trip to Bloemfontein! Her boys are lovely – full of smiles and so easy to work with – and it was a lot of fun to spend a few hours with them. Ek hoop ek sien julle gou weer, geniet die foto’s!

Morgan & Jacqui | Cape Town Photographer

Janine wanted to have photos taken of her daughter, Morgan (2) and her niece, Jacqui  (7) and she invited me to her home on what turned out to be a very windy afternoon! The wind however, did not deter us and fortunately Janine’s house is a photographer’s dream! Everything is beautifully white with perfect light. It also helped off course that both children are totally gorgeous!

Andro | Cape Town Family Photographer

Andro came from this bump and is a very patient and relaxed little guy. He and his brother are very handsome little guys and I’m sure they’ll get up to lots of mischief together when they’re a little older!

Bailey is almost two years old | Somerset West Photographer

I first met Bailey a year ago when she was 10 months old. She has since grown into a very cute and very bright little toddler who just loved to play in front of the camera. She proudly displayed her ballet- as well as bike riding skills! It was really lovely to see her again.

Lelanie’s Family Shoot | Cape Town Family Photographer

It was early one Sunday morning when I met Lelanie at their beautiful home in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Her two little ones where quietly waiting for my arrival and behaved like true angels!

Hilde and her little ones

I met Hilde at her home in Milnerton to help welcome the arrival of her newborn son who was only one week old at the time of the shoot. His slightly older sister was also at home, so off course we couldn’t exclude her from the shoot! Hilde also has two older children who already goes to school, so I could focus all my attention on the little ones.

Kai (4) and Anja (1) | Somerset West Family Photographer

I photographed Kai and Anja at their home in Somerset West and what a cute pair they are! Kai was very shy at first, while Anja immediately started charming me with her smile.

Goldilocks | Somerset West Portrait Photographer

I am totally in love with this little girl’s hair! Her mom takes art classes and is in the process of doing sketches of each of her children. She wanted some proper portraits to use when doing sketches of her 2-year old daughter and I ended up taking hundreds of photos!

And off course I couldn’t leave without taking a few photographs of her sweet baby sister.

Mia: 14 months old | Somerset West Kids Photographer

Have a look at this little cutie – the camera just loves her!

Clive: 2 years old

Clive is a very busy little boy – earnestly playing in the garden, inspecting anything and everything with a keen interest in his dad’s tools! His 6-month old brother, Andrew, was only awake for a very short while before settling down for his morning nap, but Clive did not seem to mind me clicking away while he carried on with his “work”.

Lucien: 16 months

Lucien is another little boy who tried his very best to ignore the camera, but with a lot of patience and a change of scenery I finally managed to get a few decents pics.

Cara | Somerset West & Stellenbosch Child Photographer

Cara and mom were visiting from the UK to meet Cara’s cousin, Jana. At just under two years old, Cara is not very keen to sit still and look at the camera at all. In fact, the entire time that I shadowed her with my camera, she refused to even acknowledge my existence! It was very funny actually and I must applaud her perseverance. I managed to get one shot of her looking at the camera and that was completely by accident. LOL, thank you for keeping me on my toes and don’t let anyone kill that spirit!

The Sweetest Girl in the World

Little Teneil is only 18 months old, but so incredibly clever and well behaved! She understands every word one says to her, has quite an impressive vocabulary and is just the most friendly little thing I have seen in a long time. What an absolute pleasure to meet her!