Ethan: 3 weeks | Stellenbosch Baby Photographer

This tiny man really made me laugh! He fell asleep in the car on the way to the studio and woke up once they arrived and he was taken out of his car seat. But he was still very sleepy and just wanted to be left alone so he could doze off again. He managed to produce a very annoyed little frown and I’m sure if he was able to talk, he would have a few choice words for us! He eventually fell asleep again – which is a good thing with baby photography – but he did not want to be moved, touched of disturbed in any way! He wanted to be held just so, or else he’d start complaining. What a cute little guy – you tell them, Ethan, never let anybody push you around! He made for a few very cute images, a real character!

Matthew: 8 days | Stellenbosch Baby Photographer

This exceptionally sweet little boy came from this beautiful bump and I had the privilege of spending a little time with him at his home just outside of Stellenbosch. He is an absolute picture of contentment and slept through most of the shoot.

Ariella: 5 weeks | Cape Town Baby Photographer

Ariella’s mom was given one of my vouchers by her colleagues for her baby shower and I went to their home for her very first photo session. When I got there, she was very sleepy and relaxed and she was so easy to photograph. One thing about newborns during a photo shoot – they tend to get very thirsty! For this, and many other reasons, a shoot should never be rushed and it was so convenient to do the shoot in her own home where she is familiar with her surroundings. Ariella is a very sweet little girl and I know she will bring lots more love and joy into this home!

Shaun – 5 weeks old | Somerset West Baby Photographer

Shaun’s mom and dad are two of the nicest people I have met in a long time and such relaxed first time parents! With their no-nonsense attitude the shoot was done in no time and the little man didn’t seem bothered by the whole process at all.

Jana | Somerset West & Stellenbosch Newborn Photographer

Meet Jana. She came from this bump. She’s not even a week old, but already very aware of her surroundings! I love seeing the wonder on the faces of new parents, these moments are so precious.

One week old and already gorgeous

This is Mandi’s second baby – I first photographed her when she was still a bump! She was as good as gold throughout the entire shoot, despite having no interest in taking a nap. Have you ever seen such a stunning head of hair on such a little girl?