The Steytler Family

Tiekie contacted me to book a shoot for their three totally gorgeous boys. I met them at their home in Welgemoed for a little bit of fun in front of the lens. I loved capturing these three lively and expressive faces!

Jack & Luke | Stellenbosch Photographer

I met Jack and Luke at their grandmother’s home at the beautiful De Zalze estate. They were visiting with their mother, Julie from Qatar and were in fact in the process of moving to Dubai! All of this with two small boys and Julie is pregnant with her third little boy – but more on this later.
Jack and Luke are two very busy, but two very sweet boys! They loved the cooler South African weather and really enjoyed playing outdoors.

Morgan & Jacqui | Cape Town Photographer

Janine wanted to have photos taken of her daughter, Morgan (2) and her niece, Jacqui  (7) and she invited me to her home on what turned out to be a very windy afternoon! The wind however, did not deter us and fortunately Janine’s house is a photographer’s dream! Everything is beautifully white with perfect light. It also helped off course that both children are totally gorgeous!

Brittney and K.C. | Somerset West Photographer

When Lola asked me about a location for their shoot, I suggested the Helderberg Nature Reserve as I just love the wooded area there. The light can be a little tricky, but since I used the location before, I had a better idea of how to handle it. The weather was horrible in the two weeks preceding the date of the shoot and we had to postpone once before already! It was with an anxious heart that I woke up that morning, listening for the telltale sound on the roof, but we were lucky! When I looked outside it was clear skies and beautiful. It was quite chilly though and poor Brittney and K.C. shivered in their short sleeves, but I think it was worth the effort. These are a few of my favourites – it was very hard to choose!

Another family of five | Cape Town Photographer

One of the things I like about my job, is that I get to meet really lovely people on a regular basis. These are some of those lovely people and it was so much fun to spend some time with them. The children were so well-behaved, adorable and beautiful, it made my job ridiculously easy!

Gabriella and Josephine | Cape Town Photographer

I met Gabriella and Josephine at their home in Hout Bay – their mother wanted to have pictures taken of the girls as a gift for their dad. I took by backdrop and lights with me and set up a little studio in their lounge. There was enough natural light that I could take most without the studio lights, which always makes me happy!

Gabriella is the eldest and how gorgeous is she?

Josephine is the new addition to the family and just wanted to be left alone – very sleepy little girl and hates to be undressed!

And since the family originally are from the Netherlands, we could not wrap up the shoot without a photo of Gabriella in her fan gear. Hup Holland hup!!

Nicola & Glen | Cape Town Photographer

These are the highlights of what has to be my favourite children shoot so far, for a few reasons. If was the first time I did a proper shoot on the beach. (Can you believe it? Shocking, I know.) The light was glorious. I also got to do it in Plett. And most importantly, these gorgeous children belong to my best friend in the whole world – it was an enormous joy and a privilege to shoot them!

And baby makes 5 | Cape Town Baby Photographer

Suzanne recently gave birth to her third beautiful little girl and I went to their home in Durbanville to capture the new addition as well as the rest of the family. They are such awesome people and I had a great morning with the five of them. Apart from the pictures I took in the house, I set my stand and backdrop up in the garden and used only natural light to capture these images and I really like them!

Family in Franschhoek | Cape Town Portrait Photographer

Frances originally contacted me a year ago to book a family shoot, but due to unforseen circumstances, she had to cancel. I was delighted when she contacted me again this year to re-book. Here are a few pics of her three gorgeous children.

Doline (4) and Antoné (2) | Western Cape Portrait Photographer

When I arrived at Doline and Antoné’s home in Somerset West, they were waiting for me in matching pink outfits and seemed very excited about their photo shoot. They were so easy to work with and are such cute little girls, if I had the time, I would gladly have spent the entire day with them!

Two sisters and their families: Larissa

And here are the rest of the pics from the session I mentioned in my previous post. I just love the photo of the three of them together where the little one is cupping her brother’s face with her one hand – how cute is that?

Two sisters and their families: Caroline

Caroline contacted me to arrange a shoot for her and her sister and their – altogether five – children. They range in age from 9 months to 9 years and it was a lot of fun to capture all the cousins. I decided to show their pics in two separate posts as I took several hundreds of photos and couldn’t fit them in just one post!

Kai (4) and Anja (1) | Somerset West Family Photographer

I photographed Kai and Anja at their home in Somerset West and what a cute pair they are! Kai was very shy at first, while Anja immediately started charming me with her smile.

Another happy family | Cape Town Portrait Photographer

I’m doing some much needed catch up work on my blog, it’s been ages! I photographed this lovely family in November last year and they were such lovely people to work with!

Matthew: 4years old

I met Matthew and his family at their gorgeous new home in Somerset West and I was very pleased to find Matthew quite willing to play along in front of the camera. You are a star!

Juliette – Almost four | Cape Town Children Photographer

It was a beautiful morning when I arrived to photograph Juliette at their home and the light was perfect! There is a very special bond between Juliette and her mom and it almost felt intrusive to shoot them while they were sharing stories and kisses.

Joshua and Cameron | Stellenbosch and Somerset West Portrait Photographer

This is a gorgeous family with such an obvious close bond between them. The boys are beautiful and happy and an absolute joy to work with!

Double Trouble | Somerset West & Stellenbosch children’s photographer

I had an enormous amount of fun photographing these adorable twin girls and their older brother. I’m still not able to tell them apart and had a lot of trouble proofing their individual portraits (-; They have such a special relationship and it was great to sit back, camera in hand and watch their facial expressions and antics. Thanks you three, it was great working with you!

Jeanine and her girls | Stellenbosch & Somerset West family photographer

Jeanine wanted portraits taken of her and her two girls as a birthday gift for her husband – I’m sure he was very glad it was a surprise, apparently he hates being in front of the camera! Baby Jemma was smiling and gurgling happily while we were getting ready for the shoot, but as soon as she saw the camera, all smiles disappeared and we had a very tough time getting her to just look up, never mind at the camera…I suppose she  takes after her dad (-:

Future heartbreaker | Somerset West & Stellenbosch Children Photographer

This handsome young man is a proud four years old and he had me completely captivated with those beautiful green eyes. Charming, good-looking and well mannered – he is going to have the pick of the crop one day!

Mr Happy and family – Somerset West portrait photographer

Matthew turned up for the shoot in a ‘Mr Happy’ shirt and I found the contradiction between his serious face and happy shirt quite interesting! He was full of jokes though and his mom and dad are so in love, it was a pleasure to work with them.

My Friend’s Family

Celest is a friend of mine. Her youngest daughter was born two months premature and after they were able to eventually take their precious baby home, I was given the opportunity to photograph their family. Anina, the eldest, is three years old and Carli is two months.