Mia | Stellenbosch Baby Photographer

I met Mia and her family at the Botanical Gardens in Stellenbosch. She is just the cutest little thing and loved being photographed on her own, laughing and clapping her hands for our entertainment!













Ilse, Sune en Menandie | Stellenbosch Photographer

Ek het vir Ilse en haar gesin ontmoet met Sune, hul oudste dogtertjie, se doop. Van toe af was ek gelukkig genoeg om ‘n paar keer weer gevra te word om hulle af te neem. Die gesin het intussen Vrystaat toe verhuis, maar het onlangs in Stellenbosch kom kuier waar ek hulle weer ontmoet het. Hier is ‘n paar van my gunstelinge:

Die Smit Gesin | Somerset West Baby Photographer

Ek het die Smitte twee jaar gelede laas gesien net nadat hul oudste, Sameul, gebore is. Nou is hulle die trotse ouers van ‘n tweede seuntjie en ek was gelukkig genoeg om hom ook te ontmoet. ‘n Heel ander patroontjie as sy boetie, was hy baie geduldig met my, maar het ‘n paar keer vir my probeer vertel wie eintlik die baas is.

Klein Sameul het heel oggend opgewonde gesels en was in en uit die kamer – ongelukkig het hy sy ken oopgeval terwyl ek besig was met Simeon en moes hul inderhaas hospitaal toe vir steke! Arme klein mannetjie – ek hoop hy voel sommer stukke beter x



Introducing Alexander | Somerset West Baby Photographer

I first met this family when Ethan was only three weeks old. Ethan now has a very cute little baby brother, called Alexander. Both boys were not entirely convinced that a photo shoot on a cold winters day was a very good idea – but if you know me, you’ll know that I’m not easily put off by reluctant little ones!

Ethan has the most gorgeous big blue eyes and it’s already evident that Alexander is just as handsome as his brother. What a treat to see and photograph this growing family again!


Die Swanepoel Gesin (saam met Mariet en Mila) | Somerset West Photographer

Ek het Riane en haar pragtige gesin sommer een weeksmiddag by Radloff Park ontmoet vir hulle gesinsfoto’s. Haar skoonsuster, Mariet en klein Mila en saamgekom vir die geleentheid. Wat ‘n mooi klompie kinders is hulle nie! Christo was nie heeltemal oortuig dat hierdie fotonemery vir hom lekker is nie, maar ‘n bietjie balgooi en ‘n paar paaseiers en alles was darem nie verlore nie.

Daar is ook ‘n paar ekstra foto’s in ‘n Facebook album.

Suri’s shoot at Kirstenbosch | Cape Town Photographer

This is gorgeous little Suri – she just recently celebrated her first birthday and her parents decided to mark the occasion with a photo shoot. And what a perfect little model she was – cute does not even begin to describe it!

Julie’s Little Men | Stellenbosch Family Photograher

You might recognise Julie and her oldest two boys from this shoot I did for them a year ago. This time around, they were joined by the newest addition to the family, cute little Matthew! We met up on a Protea farm high up in the Helderberg mountain, with breathtaking views over False Bay. It was a cold morning, but after a solid week of rain, we were so relieved to see the sun shining that a little cold air were definitely not going to deter us!

Tori and Scarlett | Somerset West Photographer

I first met the Westvig”s almost two years ago, when Tori was only four months old. She’s now grown into a beautiful little two year old and was also joined by the newest addition to the family, seven month old Scarlett. What an adorable pair they are! Their parents are truly blessed with these two precious little girls.

The Van Zyl’s in Grabouw

I met the Van Zyl’s at their lovely home in Grabouw. The latest addition to their family, little Mia, was four weeks old at the time of the shoot. Off course, a new set of family photos were in order! Mia usually is a very sleepy and relaxed baby, but she was not happy with my plans for her morning at all! She tried to sleep through the first part of the shoot and was quite happy to be handled by her mom and dad, but as soon as my attention turned to her and her alone, she got fed-up with the whole process. But I persisted and managed to get most of the shots I was after! Her brother on the other hand, was a real little star and very happy to have me follow him around with my camera in hand. Here are a few of my favourites.

Emma’s Shoot | Somerset West Lifestyle Photographer

Emma and her family, who live in Gauteng, spent Christmas in Cape Town and decided to book me for a shoot while they were down here. I met them at the beautiful Vergelegen Wine Estate. Anna is a delightful little girl with such an expressive face! It was a joy to capture her.

Noah | Cape Town Baby Photography

I met this handsome young man at his parents’ home in Pinelands. He acted all serious throughout the shoot, but we managed to coach a few fleeting smiles out of him. He is completely adorable though and so cuddly!

Daniella | Cape Town Lifestyle Photographer

I met gorgeous little Daniella with her peach-coloured cheeks at her parents’ home in the Strand. And what a lovely home! It’s spacious and light and has the most fabulous wooden floors – just perfect for a shoot. Daniella was as good as gold and stayed patient throughout the whole session and numerous changes of clothes. I could have stayed all day, but then I would have had even more difficulty choosing a few images to post…

The Dippenaar Family

I met Boeta, Charleen and little Jemma at their home in Bloemfontein during my recent trip to the Free State. Jemma is a beautiful and very content  baby, but she made us work very hard for the few smiles we got! Despite putting up quite a solemn face for the camera, she was more than patient and I could photograph her from every little angle. It was lovely meeting you guys, hope you enjoy your photos!

Visiting from Ireland

Joanne, who lives in Ireland, booked me for a shoot with her little baby boy while they were visiting her parents in South Africa. What a cutie! He was a treat to photograph and very generous with his smiles. I just loved the way he kept on trying to put his feet in his mouth!

Lelanie’s Family Shoot | Cape Town Family Photographer

It was early one Sunday morning when I met Lelanie at their beautiful home in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. Her two little ones where quietly waiting for my arrival and behaved like true angels!

Just Visiting | Cape Town Portrait Photographer

Ilse and her family are South Africans, currently living in Australia. They spent some time here visiting family and friends and Ilse also took the opportunity to bring her almost 5 month old baby boy for a shoot. He is the friendliest little man, but as soon as he saw the lights flashing, he was in such awe that he forgot to smile! Ilse had to work very hard to draw a smile out of that serious face!

Olivia: 10 weeks | Somerset West Baby Photographer

Meet little Olivia. She was born 7 weeks premature and it took her a little while longer to reach average newborn weight. She is doing really well now and it was such a joy to spend some time with her and her lovely family. She was very alert during the shoot, but since she gets cold very easily, I had to work fast! Olivia has a beautiful complexion and looks just like a little rose. I know that she is going to bring her parents much love and joy!

Two sisters and their families: Larissa

And here are the rest of the pics from the session I mentioned in my previous post. I just love the photo of the three of them together where the little one is cupping her brother’s face with her one hand – how cute is that?

Goldilocks | Somerset West Portrait Photographer

I am totally in love with this little girl’s hair! Her mom takes art classes and is in the process of doing sketches of each of her children. She wanted some proper portraits to use when doing sketches of her 2-year old daughter and I ended up taking hundreds of photos!

And off course I couldn’t leave without taking a few photographs of her sweet baby sister.

Tori: 4 months old | Somerset West Baby Photographer

Tori is only four months old, but already a real bundle of femininity. Sweet and gentle, she was such a joy to meet. And she is so in love with her dad, she kept on staring endlessly into his eyes – so cute!

Jamie: 11 months

Jamie is a real cutie – such a friendly little guy and very keen to smile at the camera!

Bailey | Somerset West & Stellenbosch baby photographer

I just love the name Bailey! She is 10 months old and very curious about everything around her. She made me work very hard and I had to use up all my tricks to keep her occupied long enough to get a few pics! Here are a few of my favourites.

Jeanine and her girls | Stellenbosch & Somerset West family photographer

Jeanine wanted portraits taken of her and her two girls as a birthday gift for her husband – I’m sure he was very glad it was a surprise, apparently he hates being in front of the camera! Baby Jemma was smiling and gurgling happily while we were getting ready for the shoot, but as soon as she saw the camera, all smiles disappeared and we had a very tough time getting her to just look up, never mind at the camera…I suppose she¬† takes after her dad (-:

My Granny and I | Somerset West Baby Photographer

This little guy’s grandmother lives in Somerset West and when his mom and dad decided to come down from Joburg for a visit, his mom booked a shoot for him and his granny as a gift. What a wonderful idea and a great way to remember the visit and capture the special bond between them!